Hair Extensions



Human hair extensions are what I prescribe for dull hair. They will not only cover any split ends, but will also pump up your existing hair body and add volume for that irresistible, sensual look from shampoo commercials we all crave. You hair will look luminous, vibrant and above all healthy!! 





Key Benefits of Keratin Hair Straightening Treatments 

Women who have severely damaged hair, frizzy hair or super curly hair are good candidates for this type of hair straightening treatment because the treatment does not damage the hair further. It can also make dry and unruly hair more manageable. 

- Moisturizes and strengthens the hair

- Can be performed on all hair types

- Hair retains volume and body, no matter how many treatments are performed

- Multiple treatments will retain results

- Hair becomes less frizzy and easy to style

- Stronger hair becomes immune to the effects of heat and humidity

- Repairs severely damaged hair

- Reduces the need to use straightening irons and heated styling tools on a regular basis


Hair Cutting, Styling



The most basic hair service is the hair cut. But it's not the simplest, and it deserves the skill and understanding your artists bring. The consultation before the service is essential, and I urge you to explain carefully what you want. Bring a picture if you like. Don't be afraid to change your style, and if you can't decide which way to go, ask me  for  my professional recommendation.

Benefits of Having Long Hair

More Attractive 

There are many people who believe that long hair is very attractive. Women with long hair tend to be more appealing to men than those who have shorter hair. The appeal of long hair is evident in mainstream magazines and advertisements. Many Hollywood actresses show off their long hair at award ceremonies and other televised events. 

Female celebrities such as singer Beyonce' have taken advantage of hair extensions to create lengthy tresses. In fact, long hair has become a main representation of the image and appeal for many celebrities. 

Protective in the winter

Some women use many items to protect themselves from the cold weather during winter season. Long hair can provide natural protection for the head and scalp. Most of the heat escapes the human body through a person's head in the winter. 

Conceals an unpleasing appearance

Many people can encounter unpleasant conditions on their face during their lifetime. These conditions could include blemishes, acne and bruises. 


High Lights


The benefits of highlights over full color include a more natural look than the flat, lifeless appearance of one solid color. Highlighted hair also grows out more gracefully, avoiding an obvious line at the roots. Though highlights sometimes take a while to apply, in the end people with highlights spend fewer hours in the stylist’s chair, because their color doesn't need to be renewed as often. 

Better Roots 

Roots appear all too quickly, to spoil once perfect color. Though there are ways to downplay them, like with color wands or zigzag parts, these techniques can be time-consuming and ineffective. The cleverly placed variations of expert highlighting, however, can trick the eye into seeing natural irregularities produced by the sun, rather than an unsightly dye line. 

Fewer Hours in the Chair 

Visiting the hairdresser is a relaxing getaway, but touching-up hair color shouldn’t be a constant necessity. Though highlights take time to do right, by their very nature they don’t have to be done as often. With highlights, you will spend less time in the chair, and often less money in the long run. 

Less chemical exposure 

Though modern hair dyes are safe, some people want to minimize their exposure because of sensitive skin. Highlights, which start slightly off the scalp, help minimize discomfort and worry. The highlighting technique also leaves hair in better health, because fewer strands are color-processed. Hair needs less conditioning to stay in good shape, and looks healthier and fuller. 

An Evolving Style 

With highlights, it is possible to have a style that changes with the seasons. Hair can go light and bright in high summer, the season of outdoor fun. In fall, a stylist can add a warm caramel or deep golden shade, to echo the colors of autumn leaves. In winter, dramatic shades suit evenings out and holiday occasions. Then come the soft pastel shades of spring. Highlights can change as your life changes. 


Highlights are versatile, that’s the point. Instead of one stiff shade, highlighted hair holds a subtle variety of tones that play up features, soften the complexion, and flatter almost any face


Great Lengths Hair Extensions Price List 


16 inch $200.00 per bundle

18 inch $225.00 per bundle

20 inch $250.00 per bundle

24 inch $300.00 per bundle

A bundle has 25 pieces


Full Head Highlights $150.00

Partial Head $75.00

Blow Dry $35.00

Single Process Color $45.00

Keratin Treatment Starting at $150.00

Cut $35.00

Men's Cut $25.00


Specializing in Great Lengths, Socap, Hotheads, and Hair Dreams Hair Extensions

Hot Heads $500.00 per package

Socap $75.00 per bundle = 10 pieces

I Also Offer:  Feather Hair Extensions, Swarovski Crystal Hair Extensions, Tape Hair Extensions, Crazy Colors Hair Extensions, Clip On Hair Extensions, and Hair Extension Brushes and Kits.


Hair Dreams are per strain so you must come in for consultation for pricing.


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